The B.R.A. Concepts Snacking Trophies - the meeting of daring professionals​

With its trophies, B.R.A. Tendances Restauration, a professional magazine of contemporary catering, awards several unique fast food concepts every year on the Sandwich & Snack Show!​

​They allow their creators to discuss trends and issues in the business, and to share their experiences and advice. ​

​This national competition honours establishments that, through the originality of their décorconceptoffer or management, are changing the lines and contributing to the growth of the market. Places that present new ideas to follow for a profession in constant evolution. ​

These places present new ideas to follow for the profession which is continues to evolve towards the astonishing and the qualitative.

At the heart of the selection criteria for these national awards: creativity, audacity, transparency on quality, the origin of the products, the proximity created, and the willingness of the entrepreneurs.

The main phases of the competition

In September

election of 3 additional winning concepts

13 October

awarding of prizes to the winners of the 2021 edition, live on the Snacking Zapping



in Paris - The modernised Filipino boui-boui

The only Filipino restaurant in Paris is inspired by the traditional "bouis-bouis" or carinderia of the archipelago. In this "family canteen", it's lutong bahay every day, or "home cooking" in Tagalog; with 3 signature dishes: Adobo (stewed chicken and potatoes), Kinilaw (marinated raw fish) and Kare-Kare (beef cooked in peanut sauce). The menu also takes into account the seasons, as the ephemeral dishes help to build customer loyalty.

The kamayan, a Filipino feast served on banana leaves that can be eaten by hand, allows you to discover another facet of Philippine culture.

The range of drinks is also purely traditional and includes Kalamansi juice and kapeng barako coffee. The carefully designed décor and the wooden and bamboo crockery are further nods to the country.


in Montpellier - The festive and locavore food hall

Inspired by the best successful food halls in Europe, Les Halles du Lez is a true temple of Montpellier's gastronomy. It brings together regional players in the catering industry who have created concepts and made their networks work. From the Central American cuisine of Manita by the Pourcel brothers to the Japanese offerings of My Litt - le Bento and the grill bar Chez Bebelle, each stand offers an original street food.

Alongside these corners, which have adopted the pager to make ordering easier, are delicatessens and other vendors of raw produce.

Attendance is such that most of the shops already have a turnover 3 to 4 times higher than the basic estimate. In the spring, 3 other restaurant bars will open in rooftop style, with 1,200 m² of terraces. And the concept could be further developed: discussions are underway for the Paris region and the south of France.


in Lyon - The falafels canteen

Taybé skillfully combines snacking and traditional catering with Mediterranean influences. With counter orders at lunchtime and table service in the evening, this premium canteen offers falafels, a classic of Near Eastern street food, with seasonal products, in short circuits. These chickpea dumplings can, for example, consist of garlic and basil, paprika, shallot or sweet potatoes and can be integrated into pitas, mezze or seasonal bowls. Vegetarian, the offer is 100% homemade, including pita bread in various variations.

Every month, 3 new pita recipes are offered. One of the strengths of the place is the mezze tasting platter, which is particularly popular in the evening.

Carefully prepared and mastered, this concept could be duplicated in other areas of Lyon, and this summer it will already be integrated into a large food court.