The French Pizza Championship - a colourful competition!​

The French Pizza Championship has become a reference over the years, welcoming more and more candidates.​

​The competitors will be divided by an expert board between technical and creative challenges: speed challenge, widest pizza challenge, pizza in teglia challenge, quality pizza challenge, spectacular acrobatic pizza challenge and finally the "pizza a due" challenge which unites a pizzaïolo with a chef in a duo.  ​

New for this 17th edition, the pizza makers will compete in the dessert pizza challenge!

 ​This year, participants will still have plenty of work. ​

Come and discover the backstage of the Italian way of life, in the heart of the Dolce Vita!​

2021 Programme

Wednesday 30 March

9.30am to 5pm: Classic Pizza (10th + 9th + 8th + 7th + 6th + 5th + 4th) *

11.00am to 4.45pm: Pizza in Teglia

5.15pm to 7pm: Large Pizza 

5.15pm to 7pm: Fast Pizza

Thursday 31 March

9.30am to 1pm: French Classic Pizza Championship (3rd + 2nd + 1st)*

1.15 pm to 3.30pm: French Championship of Pizza Due

3.45pm: Acrobatic Pizza Show

5pm: Prize-giving ceremony

2022 Winners

Classic Pizza

1.       Nicolas SOUM et Dominique ZUCARO (ex aequo) 

3.       Baykal YLDIZ

Pizza a Due

1.      Ugo BERTHET et Thibault HOSTIGUIAN

2.      Jean L’HELGOUALCH et Vincent BERTHELON

3.      Giuseppe TAGLIARINI et Gaetano MAMMONA

Pizza in Teglia

1.       Jérémy VIALE

2.       Marco GUIDI

3.       Dominique ZUCARO

Fast Pizza

1.       Quentin SAURET

2.     Franck LORY

3.       Thomas GARCIA

Large Pizza

1.       Quentin SAURET

2.       Patrice BOGY

3.       Franck LORY

Acrobatic Pizza

1.       Quentin SAURET

2.       Maxime MATHIOT

3.       Youssef WAHBI

A look back at the competition