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NEW 2023!

The best food photography tips and tricks 

Culinary photos are much more than a simple illustration of recipe cards and are now used in all the communication channels of brands in the food, lifestyle, health and other sectors.

If you want to promote your products but have no idea how to show them at their best, our food photography workshop is for you!

Whether you are a restaurant owner, chef, food blogger, foody or an artisan, come and learn the basics of food photography from our professional photographers.

You will learn how to stage, style, set up, decorate and light different ingredients, dishes and table settings for a guaranteed “Wow” effect!

Let your imagination run wild to create deliciously creative photos. The sky is the limit!

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Photo Up is a photo and video production studio that has been providing its services to brands and businesses all over France for over 10 years, helping them create content and communication visuals (online, social media, print). It is also a Qualiopi-certified training organisation for photography and video.