A professional event organised by Dawn Foods

The popular and emblematic donut finally has its own competition!

Donut enthusiasts and specialists will come from all over France to compete for the first ever title of French Donut Champion.

Moist, tasty, inventive... a fresh, quality donut requires a technique and know-how that is much more advanced than it seems!

Through this competition, the aim is to highlight the know-how and inventiveness required to make a real fresh donut, which places it in the pantheon of fine pastry making in the same way as a chocolate éclair.

2022 winners

1st: Diallo Niagale - Home Donuts

2d: Sirine Ben Mekki - La Fabrique à Donuts

3rd: Eric Fourrey - Le Faubourg de l’Ecluze

4th: Nicolas Crenier - Goma Restaurant

The main stages of the competition

Until 07/03/2022: REGISTRATION

Thursday 31 March: FINAL

Candidates will have to pass 3 tests: classic, imposed and freestyle using the Donut Dawn Foods Mix. The winner will stand out for his or her technique, creativity and, of course, the combination of flavours.

The champion will win the sum of 1000 euros.

The jury

Alan Craker

International Sales Manager

Belshaw Adamatic - Bakery Group

Paul Fedèle

Editor in chief

France Snacking

Herman Eikemper

Senior Application Specialist Europe&AMEAP

Dawn Foods

François Xavier Meignan

Group Manager Purchasing Bakery


A look back at the competition