The French Sushi Championship - Master's events!​

Created on the initiative of the professional magazine France Sushi, the French Sushi Championship aims to promote the art of sushi in France. This fourth edition will bring together the best specialists in Japanese gastronomy who will compete in front of a jury of professionals chaired by Eric TICANA - European ambassador of the Sushi World Championship - as well as by MOF (meilleur ouvrier de France, best worker in france) fishmongers, sushi Masters, French and Japanese chefs.​

The best Sushi Masters in France will compete in 5 challenges: the "Cutting" challenge, the "Vegetal" challenge, the "Signature" challenge but also the classic "Edomae" challenge and the "Freestyle" challenge calling on the creativity of the participants. The challenge is to respect the ancestral and artisanal art of Japanese sushi, while at the same time adding a personal touch that will make all the difference!​

​This competition represents a real consecration for the winner* who will be France's new ambassador to the World Sushi Championship in Tokyo!​

*Provided that he is of French nationality in order to be able to represent France.

The main phases of the competition

15 September

Registration deadline

17 September

Announcement of candidates

13 October

Contests and finals

Jury 2021

President of the Jury

Eric Ticana

Honorary President

Hirotoshi Ogawa


Arnaud Van Hamme, MOF

Alon Than, World sushi champion

Wagner Spadaccio, Vice World Sushi Champion

Vladimir Pak, World Sushi Champion & 1* michelin

Romain Leboeuf, MOF

Anthony Nguyen, Chef

Emanuele Bombardier, Sushi Chef at the Royal Monceau

A look back at the previous editions



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