NEW 2023!

Thursday, April 13: 2-5pm

1st professional event dedicated to plant-based products

Plant-based products are on the rise, with 40% of French people wanting to consume more plant-based protein products.

Plant-based foods are considered healthier and more balanced. They drive local trade and are better for the environment. Plant-based substitutes are the latest hot trend!

With this in mind, Sandwich & Snack Show is launching a brand-new competition dedicated to plant-based alternatives.

Catering professionals (fast food, conventional restaurants, institutional catering and baked goods) will demonstrate their creativity by competing in brand-new contests. The goal is to promote alternatives to animal proteins in food service (such as plant-based meat alternatives, plant-based fish alternatives and insects, etc.) through 3 x 30-minute contests focused on the following themes: snack foods, revisited classics, and freestyle.

A chef will propose at the same time his own 100% vegan version.

The jury will be composed of Rodolphe Landemaine & Paul Fedèle.


Are you a restaurant owner or baker? Are you a restaurant owner or a baker? Are you a restaurant owner or a baker who uses plants in your establishment?

Don't miss the opportunity to show your prowess on the 1st contest dedicated to Vegetal!

Competition schedule

3 events - 1 sponsor - 4 candidates - 1 winner and 1 prize!

At the end of each round, the jury will taste to determine the winner and the prize at the end of the challenge.

2pm - Introduction of the show Director and Global Sponsor

2:15pm - “Snack food” contest start

2:55pm - Jury tasting

3:00pm - “Revisited Classics” contest start

3:40pm - Jury tasting

4:00pm - “Freestyle” contest start

4:40pm - Jury tasting

4:50pm - Deliberations: 1 winner + 1 jury's favorite award