SNACKING D'OR by France Snacking

"Snacking d'Or", the competition that reveals the innovations of tomorrow.​

The Snacking d'Or awards, organised by France Snacking magazine, reward each year the most innovative products and equipments in the world of snacking and fast and nomadic catering.​

The winning products awarded by the jury are presented at the show: come and get inspired and discover the snacking must-haves of tomorrow!​

For the winners, it is a golden opportunity to benefit from an exceptional promotion, for direct and concrete benefits. A real accelerator of performance and visibility!​

Which products have been voted snacking products of the year 2020?

Organised in partnership with the Sandwich & Snack Show, the Snacking d'Or by France Snacking awards each year the products and equipment best adapted to the world of snacking and fast food and mobile catering.

Which advantage for the candidates? All the winners benefit from an exceptional promotion with Snacking d'Or partners with direct and concrete benefits. A real performance accelerator that allows them to showcase their new products and innovations!

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