Review 2019: Sandwich & Snack Show cement his statut as unmissable industry event!

The snack food industry continues to thrive!

Over 10,500 industry professionals made the trip in order to check out nearly 200 innovations and over 300 brands.

Figures show that the fast food industry is in excellent shape and is now worth €19 billion!

For its 20th anniversary, the Sandwich & Snack Show reasserted its leadership and pioneering spirit in the fast food and takeaway food sectors.

Market trends and key figures

  • Snacking is the main choice when eating out and accounts for 59% of the out-of-home lunches and dinners consumed during a typical week.
  • In France, there are 41,000 fast food establishments along with an industry worth €19 billion.
  • 60% of French consumers visit a snacking outlet (for either lunch or dinner) at least once a week.
  • Paris has the most snacking brands with an average of 88 outlets per km² (the national average is 0,14 outlets/km²), followed by Lyon (31 outlets/km²), Lille (18 outlets/km²), Bordeaux (17 outlets/km²) and Nice (14 outlets/km²).
  • Snackers remain true to their consumption habits and on average visit a snack food outlet for lunch 5 times a week (representing a market of 140 million lunches per week) with an average outlay of €9,70.