Our shows are committed

Our shows are committed to respect the environment and reducing our waste and ecological footprint. 

Zero waste

The goods that can be recovered are collected by the association Porteurs d'Espoir at the end of the 2 days of the show.

In 2023: 6500kg of food was collected, which benefited 708 people in need.


Our partner RE'UP works in collaboration with the companies Quatra and Moulinot which recover bio-waste with the aim of giving it a second life by composting it.

In 2023, 0.4 tonnes of bio-waste and 60 litres of waste oil were collected.

Recycling and re-use

Carpets will be recycled and furniture and partitions reused.


We also provide you with box at the exit of the show to deposit your lanyards and badge holders. They will be sorted and reused.