Market Trends

Out-of-home consumption has evolved and now has mutliple aspects.

We are witnessing a tenfold increase in the number of segments, channels and moments, for an industry that is redesigning itself again and again, adapting to consumer needs and constantly renewing itself.

New segments are emerging, such as dark kitchens and foodcourts, but also the home with delivery and take-away services. They offer easy and consensual alternatives to traditional segments such as restaurants, food trucks, grocery shops and supermarkets among others. Just like food trucks in their day, these new segments are reinventing the way we consume.

As for the channels, recent months have seen an explosion in take-away and delivery, to meet health restrictions and keep the link and communication between restaurateurs and customers alive. 

Moments are multiplying, new moments of conviviality are appearing such as morning breaks and breakfasts taken away from home which are becoming new business levers for the catering industry.

We can also identify a strong emergence of the fast casual concept.

This type of catering is between the traditional and more modern fast food restaurants and adopts to its big brother the codes of welcome, quality products by focusing on a sharp décor and theme, while guaranteeing an affordable price and fast service, as well as digital and social networks as the basis of their proposal.

Nowadays, the restaurant business is not only based on the plate, but also on experience. Nothing is left to chance!

When the customer expects a perfect plate, with fresh, eco-responsible, local products that tell a story, he also expects to be welcomed in a new, original and hybrid places such as foodcourts, or with a completely digital customer path.

In a few words, the customer is looking for an experience he will remember!

The foodservice sector is therefore undergoing a complete transorfmation, and this change is multi-factorial, starting with the explosion in snacking and take-away sales, which will be accentuated at the end of the crisis, but also the growing influence of the generation of millenials, who are looking for better, cheaper and faster food, not forgetting the digitalisation of points of sale.

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