French Pizza Championship

A colourful competition!​

​The competitors will be divided by an expert board between technical and creative challenges: speed challenge, widest pizza challenge, pizza in teglia challenge, quality pizza challenge, spectacular acrobatic pizza challenge, the "pizza a due" challenge which unites a pizzaïolo with a chef in a duo and the dessert pizza.

Come and discover the backstage of the Italian way of life, in the heart of the Dolce Vita!​

2023 Winners

Classical Pizza

1 Simone Desogus
2 Jose guillaume Arrieta
3 Christopher Pacaud

Pizza a Due

1 Arnaud Faye et Steeve Bonnet
2 Gilles Hemart et Benoit Sanchez
3 Kevin Payet et Fabien Charrier

Dessert Pizza

1 Jérémy Viale
2 Emmanuelle Valentin Gozzo
3 Florian Camus

Fast Pizza

1 Quentin Sauret
2 Thierry Gourreau
3 Alexandre Husson

Large Pizza

1 Antonio Natale
2 Demetrio Lavilla
3 Christopher Pacaud

Acrobatic Pizza

1 Quentin Sauret
2 Youssef Wahbi
3 Francesco Valente