French Pizza Championship

A colourful competition!​

​The competitors will be divided by an expert board between technical and creative challenges: speed challenge, widest pizza challenge, pizza in teglia challenge, quality pizza challenge, spectacular acrobatic pizza challenge, the "pizza a due" challenge which unites a pizzaïolo with a chef in a duo and the dessert pizza.

New in 2024: the eco-friendly pizza

Come and discover the backstage of the Italian way of life, in the heart of the Dolce Vita!​

2024 Winners

Classical Pizza

1. Mélodie Siong

2. Adeline Viale

3. Benoit Deleve

Pizza a Due

1. Maxime Matthiot et Hugo Riboulet

2. Cyrille Auffret et Jérôme Gourmelen

3. Yoan Garcin et Adrien Descouls

Dessert Pizza

1. Jose Arrieta

2. Emanuelle Valentin Gozzo

3. Matthieu Marusczak

Fast Pizza

1. Ludovic Bicchierai

2. Christopher Paco

3. Gennaro Farina

Large Pizza

1. Thomas Garcia

2. Bruno Raja

3. Cédric Hissiger

Acrobatic Pizza

1. Quentin Sauvet

2. Gennaro Farina

3. Francesco Valente

Eco-friendly pizza

1. Loïc Chichignoud