Conferences of Zapping du Snacking

Find out all the latest news and trends in fast food with live insight and analysis on a TV studio stage.

Testimonials on market developments and trends, product innovations, but also fast food sales development levers and the new concepts worth following in France and abroad. Market professionals and specialists share their experience and opinions every hour!

Every hour, 4 headings:

  • The main witness… the special guest - 12 min
  • The inquiry: market trends and changes - 10 min
  • On the front page / Focus on... : a subject in the news or in connection with business development, with 3 special guests, leading market figures - 20 min
  • What's new? : the latest on product trends and new developments sported at the show - 8 min


Hosted by :

Michel Tanguy

Food journalist

Sébastien Ripari

CEO of "bureau d'étude gastronomique"