Italian Gastronomy - Parizza

From flour, to tomato sauce, to ovens (an essential tool for pizza makers!) to coffee... All the quality Italian gastronomy is on display at the Parizza show.

The "equipment" offer is complete and wide-ranging, to the delight of catering and food service professionals.

As far as ovens are concerned, the models are increasingly technical and some even include an ecological function with more controlled energy consumption. The small multi-functional models even allow bakery or snacking professionals to offer Italian specialities on their menus, such as pizza by the slice, bruschetta, focaccia, piadine, panini, etc. The Italian wave has not finished sweeping through our plates!

There are many solutions that allow pizza makers to gain in precision (ball dividers, special flours, etc.) but also to diversify their menu thanks to ingredients that are increasingly responsible (sourced, organic, nitrite-free, etc.) and a plant-based range that is constantly expanding to meet consumers' expectations... 

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With more than 400 innovations and new products announced by exhibitors each year, the Sandwich & Snack Show and Parizza are the key events for identifying the latest gems in each of our sectors.

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