Thematic trails

8 thematic trails to optimise your visit

These tours make it easier for you to find your way around the fairs and to find the products and services that are relevant to you within the exhibitors' offer.


New 2023

How can I breathe new life into my offer of baked goods?

You’ll find everything you need for baked goods in a single visitor itinerary. With beverages, packaging, ingredients, innovative solutions, and more, bakers will find absolutely everything they need!


New 2023

How can you make your range stand out on the shelves?

Come and hunt out the latest food innovations and the next star products of tomorrow's retail world!


What market innovations will win you over this year?

In this visitor itinerary, you’ll find the latest solutions and products that will appeal to your customers and make everyday life easier!


How can you give your offering a green makeover?

Are you looking to keep up with the plant-based trend and offer your customers a new range of products? We’ve partnered ONAV to select a number of exhibitors whose products will inspire you and add something new to your menus.

Organic & Environmentally-Friendly

How can I rethink my offering to make it environmentally-friendly and/or organic?

Are you looking to limit the impact of your business on the environment or offer organic options? Being environmentally-friendly also means making new management and purchasing choices. Discover our exhibitors who are committed to offering products and services within an environmentally-friendly approach.


Where can I buy gluten-free products?

Would you like to offer a gluten-free alternative in your range? Our exhibitors offer a range of innovative products to suit consumers who have adopted this diet. 


Which suppliers can guarantee me halal products? 

With meats, sauces, ingredients and more, this visitor itinerary includes all certified exhibitors offering a diverse range of halal food products.


Which suppliers can guarantee me kosher products? 

Kosher products require transparency in certification and traceability. Discover our certified exhibitors offering a range of kosher products.