French Burger Cup by Socopa

A savoury competition!

This competition is a veritable trendsetter that will have you salivating from the qualifying rounds right through to the final, with ever more gourmet and creative burgers. 

Come and watch the regional finals and the grand national final at the show's competition area.

2024 winners

1st: Anthony Pautrat 

2d: Jérémy Garnier 

3rd: Guillaume Redon 

2024 theme: Beef Spirit

It's an opportunity for the candidates to showcase beef, at the heart of an exceptional burger. The selection of the meat, the quality of its seasoning, the perfect control of its cooking, the choice of other ingredients...

Nothing is left to chance! Everything is done to magnify the taste of beef, the pleasure of beef, the spirit of beef.

President of the jury - Laëtitia VISSE

After perfecting her apprenticeship with some of the great names in gastronomy, she met Thomas Brachet at Les Arlots, where she discovered the joys of home-made sausages, caillettes and other cochonnailles.

Determined to bring the butchery and charcuterie traditions of French cuisine up to date, Laëtitia opened her own restaurant in Marseille in the summer of 2020: La femme du boucher.

About the organiser

Since 1953, Socopa Restauration has been putting all its expertise into developing a range of meats, butchery products and services dedicated to the commercial and collective catering. Working hand in hand with other professionals, we put quality butchery at the service of all chefs.

Socopa commits to exacting standards, excellence and innovation, rooted in its age-old butchery expertise, which is constantly being reinvented, and relying on its perfect mastery of all stages of processing.

Each of our sites is in direct contact with the livestock farmers in its region, helping to enhance the value of their work by producing quality meat.

Over the years, these high standards have enabled Socopa Restauration to establish itself as a major player and a privileged partner for all those involved in the French Foodservice.

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