French Pasta Championship

Contest dedicated to pasta!

Italian gastronomy has never been so popular with the French! Italy is THE country of pasta, with a rich world-renowned gastronomic heritage.

To follow this trend, Parizza is hosting  the French Pasta Championships .

New in 2024: one day dedicated to dry pasta and one to fresh pasta.

2024 winers: dry pasta

1 - Antonella Garcia
2 - Joseph Zucaro
3 - Daniele Ferro

2024 winners: fresh pasta

1 - Antonietta Incolti

2 - Arthur Dumait

3 - Antonio Aliani

2024 challenges

2024 main theme: seafood

  • Day 1: dry pasta in partnership with Barilla
  • Day 2: fresh pasta

20 finalists each day, competing in 4 20-minute "typical traditional recipe" rounds and 1 40-minute "free recipe" final round.

The competition is organised by the Association des Pizzérias Françaises (APF).