French sushi Championship

The French Sushi Championships were launched in 2017 by Julien Panet. Now they’re back for the 7th edition, which is considered a lucky number in Japan. This year, Sushi Robots, once a dedicated partner, is taking over as organiser of the 2024 French Sushi Championships.

Bringing together the best specialists in Japanese gastronomy, these sushi masters will compete in front of a panel of seasoned professionals. These championships are much more than just a competition - the winner will receive a real accolade*, with the honour of becoming France’s new ambassador at the European Championships, flying the flag for our country.

*Provided that the winner has French nationality in order to represent France.

2024 winners

1 - Tino Singharaj

2 - Aulus Muniz Santos

3 - Eliel Dias Dos Santos


The best Sushi Masters in France compete in 5 challenges: the "Cutting" challenge, the "Vegetal" challenge, the "Signature" challenge but also the classic "Edomae" challenge and the "Freestyle" challenge calling on the creativity of the participants. The challenge is to respect the ancestral and artisanal art of Japanese sushi, while at the same time adding a personal touch that will make all the difference!​

Jury 2024

Shuhei YAMASHITA, Olivier DERENNE, Michaël PANKAR, Marie SEGUIN, Yuko PEREZ ONODERA, Vincent BROGGI, Alon THAN, Wagner  SPADACIO, Iulian  CONSTANTIN, Chihiro MASUI, Emanuele BOMBARDIER, Junko KAWADA, Hirotoshi OGAWA, Vladimir PAK

Pre-selection jury: