The Grands Prix du Snacking

Wednesday March 13 - 4:45pm - Zapping du Snacking

The awards ceremony to celebrate the year's best initiatives and players in the snack food sector.

The concepts and initiatives will be selected by a jury of professionals.

The awards

Snack Academy: a competition designed to unveil innovative snack food concepts

Franchise of the year: highlights the most dynamic franchise networks in the fast-food industry

Eco-responsible initiative: showcases the major initiatives working to build the sustainable catering of the future, produced in partnership with Restauration21

Snack food player of the year: the snack food player of the year will be selected by their peers and the general public on the website

NEW 2024 - Innovation of the Year: rewards a solution or innovation from among the exhibitors

NEW 2024 - Bakery Initiative: highlighting an innovative or virtuous initiative by a bakery player

NEW 2024 - Young promising talent: identifying the snacking concepts of tomorrow currently being supported by incubators

2023 Winners

Snack Academy

Yoummah Paris

Snack Academy

Jury's favorite


Snack Academy

Public's favorite

Smoke and Fries

Snack food player of the year

Jean-François Feuillette

Digital Award  

Theory - Vegan Fast-Good

Franchise of the year


Eco-responsible initiative

NOUS anti-gaspi

Eco-responsible initiative

Jury's favorite

La Fabuleuse Cantine

2023 jury

Julien Gantheret



Paul Fedèle

Editor in chief

France Snacking

Nicolas Nouchi

Global Head of Market Research

CHD Expert

Christophe Girardet


Victor et Compagnie

Laurent Delafontaine


Axe réseaux

Esther Kalonji

General Director