World Snacking

  • World Snacking

  • With skewers, soups, fried food, and more, our planet is literally teeming with culinary delights. Each culture has succeeded in fashioning its own strain of street food, invented over the centuries from local resources and the creative talent of people.

    Both inspiring and original, the Sandwich & Snack Show takes you on a journey to discover these worldwide recipes through a travel journal featuring a selection of dishes from all 5 continents.


    Discovering popular cooking

    At a time when snacks and fast food are developing, diversifying and reinventing themselves, it is fitting to look into these popular cuisine styles from around the world which often offer a range of benefits for our own consumption. These preparations and recipes are simple, nourishing, good value and generally easy to eat on-the-go, and have been concocted and perfected over the years. Why try and invent something that you can already find elsewhere?


    Travel journal and gourmet inspiration

    We have explored the five continents looking for traditional recipes which are little-known or unknown in France, but which could offer considerable inspiration for the snack sector tomorrow. They are all collated within a travel journal.
    Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania: unearth the recipes discovered so far from home. A few ideas to look at closer, transpose and adapt.


    Your turn to discover them at the show, then reinvent them!

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