The meeting place for pizza and Italian cuisine since 2011

Covering all the trades of Italian catering (food products, beverages, packaging, equipment, services, technology, etc.), Parizza welcomes every year the professionals of the sector thanks to its quality exhibitors, its emblematic event, and its innovations.

The Parizza exhibition is co-organised with France Pizza and the Association des Pizzérias Françaises (APF). Learn more

The exhibitors

Discover over 300 brands and find your next sales partners as you meet professionals from across the market.

Food products and beverages

Pasta, flour, cheese, ice cream, beverages, coffee...

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Trucks, motorcycles, ovens, pasta machines, mixers, pizza preparation refrigerators, vending machines, software, packaging, accessories...

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Zapping du Snacking

Come talk with experts and find out about the latest market news and trends in your sector at the "Zapping du Snacking".

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Competitions and awards

Come and cheer on these competitors in their speciality : French Pizza Championship, French Pasta Championship... 

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Masterclass Barista

Come and learn how to easily enhance your hot beverages, a great way of boosting your turnover!

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Map of the show


About France Pizza

France Pizza is the leading magazine dedicated to Pizza, Pasta and Italian Restaurants and has been for nearly 15 years. It has a distribution of over 15,000 copies. In France Pizza you will find: French and international news and information, surveys and reports, new products and innovations, new concepts and initiatives, a practical guide with articles on purchasing products and equipment, marketing, management and legal experts, as well as all the latest information on the sector, analysed and decoded for you.


About APF

The "Association des Pizzérias Françaises" was founded in 2003 with the aim of federating and energising the pizza sector, while defending quality pizza.

In order to respond to the great disparity in pizza quality, the APF suggests that pizzerias sign a Quality Charter (APF label). A diploma is awarded to the pizzeria that undertakes to respect the rules of the art of Pizza.

The APF is linked to a strong corporation, led by passionate professionals. It strives to defend and sometimes restore the image of a profession that is too often devalued. The Association integrates exemplary members who correspond to the image it wishes to convey through its quality charter. As a non-profit association, its vocation is not to focus on the quantity of members but on quality in order to have the best in its ranks and to ensure the quality of the applications.

SANDWICH & SNACK SHOW AND PARIZZA, 2 trade shows devoted to snack food and the latest trends in Food-Away-From-Home and street food.

Find out more about Sandwich & Snack Show, the professional trade show for fast food and takeout.